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School Activity of Daffodils International Public School

The School activities or curriculum is broadly covered under three heads, viz. Academic or Curricular, Sports and Games and Work Experience or Co-curricular.
Art & Craft, Music & Dance, Martial Arts, Dramatics & Sports are academic periods in the time table because we perceive them to be an essential component of the education process:

Department of Music

Department of Music encourages the students to learn both vocal and instrumental music & dance. The department is fully equipped with both modern & traditional instruments which allow the students to learn the instrument of their choice. Students are exposed and trained in both Indian & Western music forms which make them culturally and musically vibrant. Young students enjoy western and classical dance under the expert guidance of dance teachers.

The Department of Art & Craft

The Department of Art & Craft encourages children to work and experiment with various mediums like oil, water, charcoal, plastercine, glass, etc. The school organizes competition & helps students achieve success in other such competitions. Students unless their creative instincts and their riots of color through glass painting, emboss painting and pottery. The young artists enjoy working with colors in a well equipped art room.

Stage Presentation

Stage Presentation is a regular feature in the school and the students are induced to take active participation in drama, elocution and various stage programs. The school continuously makes efforts to organize plays, skits to help develop the personality of the students. An open area within the school campus has been demarcated to built and amphitheatre along with an indoor auditorium to encourage the art of dramatics.

Sports Education

Sports Education embraces an enviable reputation at Daffodils International Public School. Supporting facility at the school includes football field, cricket pitch, athletics, badminton court, volley ball court, yoga centre.

Progress Reports and Promotions

A report on the performance of the student during the term is communicated to the parents at the end of each term through Progress Reports. These Reports contain a record of the student’s progress and achievement in academics, general conduct and other co-curricular activities. Promotions are considered on the basis of Uniform System of Assessment(USA) as per regulations promulgated by CBSE.

WORK EXPERIENCE & CO-curricular Activities

Education is incomplete till the student attains such values as dignity of labour, love for fellow human beings, and affinity for group activities and selfless help for the needy. These basic character traits are inculcated by a variety of Work Experience and co-curricular activities. We offer a very wide variety of such activities so that every student has a free choice of an activity which he/she likes and for which he/she has an aptitude. Thus the following activities are offered:
Calligraphy, Flower-making, Gardening, Plantations Fine/Commercial Arts, Library Service, Clay Modeling, Computers, Rich Science Lab and so on. Students are encouraged to participate actively in dramatics, group singing, poetry recitation/writing, journalism, debates and nature study. The work done by the students is regularly evaluated and this assessment in terms of grades is entered in the student’s record.

House System

The School is grouped under four Houses, namely: ShivaJi, Tagore, Raman and Laxmi with Yellow, Green, Blue and Red flag respectively. Each house in under the charge of House Master and has its own House Captains, Vice - Captains, and Prefects, who are responsible for the performance of their respective houses. True to its Public School nature, the School accepts the importance of the prefectorial system. The House appointments are expected to oversee and carry out the routine administration in the House. The School considers all prefects as important functionaries in the Houses.
All School competitions in every discipline are organised as Inter-House activities. This brings in the spirit of healthy competition, so vital to spot talent and excellence. There are individual and team trophies for every such competition.